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The problem

Honeybees are in decline on a global scale due to human activity without getting the economic recognition they deserve, while beekeepers are struggling to sustain honeybee population.

Honeybees are responsible for $30bn a year in crops and for keeping ecosystems in balance. Not only they do not receive the economic recognition they deserve, they are also dying in massive numbers due to human activity that inconsiderately contributes to their extinction. It has been reported that the lifespan of honeybees has halved in 50 years. It now stands at just 17.7 days compared to 34.3 in the 70s, regardless of their diet (Waghorn, 2022). As maintenance and increase in colony size depend on the continuous eclosion of new adult bees, any factor affecting the success of larvae development results in insufficient number of newly emerged adult bees as well as drastic decrease in the number of adult bees.

Therefore, if bees disappear off the face of the earth, humans would only have four years left to live.

The need

There is a need to monetize honeybees’ work to (a) increase and sustain honeybee population, (b) sustain beekeepers’ work, (c) secure sustainable
living for all. These can be achieved by creating a proof of honeybees’ work on blockchain.

Blockchain is powerful and Cardano has the means to bring on board anyone that wants to be part of it, including the bees and their keepers. Honeybees on Blockchain seeks to show that even daily life situations can be on blockchain and be part of an evolving technology.

By integrating the bees’ work on blockchain, beekeepers enter a global competition and have access to tools that will help them catch up with
technology, modernize their role, increase their income, and sustain their role.

Solution to the problem

Limited edition of NFTs

A Limited Edition of 25 art works will put honeybees on blockchain and the
honeybees’ proof of work will be recognized. NFTs sales will help
Cardano beekeepers sustain the beehive fleet and protect the honeybees.

Adoption of beehives as an ethical investment

Each NFT buyer immediately adopts a hive and receives information on the
location, progress, honey production, etc.

Sustainability of beehives

ADA received from NFT sales will be distributed to the Cardano Beekeepers
who will be responsible to secure sustainability of honeybees’ communities as
well as increase honeybee population (buy new hives, treat/protect bees from
illnesses, etc).

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“Simone Biolzi is a beekeeper from the Parma province in Italy who turned his hobby into a profession. He has developed techniques for caring for beehives and produces a variety of honey, including dandelion, lime tree, alfalfa, false indigo bush, chestnut, honeydew, and acacia honey. Simone’s business, “L’Ape Operaia” (The Working Bee), is named in honor of the tireless worker bees who are fundamental to the planet. However, the job of a beekeeper is challenging and can be affected by external influences such as pesticides, climate change, and the Varroa destructor mite. Despite these challenges, Simone finds the work rewarding and sees it as their duty to protect and assist the colonies.”

simone biolzi

“Christos Tartas recently started beekeeping with the help of a friend and currently has 2 hives in the village of Ay. Varvara. The area is abundant in wild flowers, so he expects the bees to produce flower honey. While he has not encountered any problems with the bees yet, he recognizes that beekeeping requires a significant time and financial commitment.”

christos tartas

“Antreas Antreou is a professional beekeeper in Nicosia, Cyprus who keeps 30 hives in the village of Lagoudera. Despite facing challenges such as extreme weather and declining bee populations due to diseases and predators, Antreas is committed to caring for his bees and producing high-quality honey, pollen, wax ointments, and propoli. He aims to build a sustainable business and offer his products under his own brand name.”

antreas antreou

“Andreas Lanitis has successfully taken up beekeeping as a hobby and has produced honey for the first time this summer. He has found the experience to be easy and enjoyable, with his bees remaining healthy and calm. He plans to continue expanding his beehive fleet in Kambia village and producing honey as a way to contribute to sustainable living and give back to nature.”

andreas lanitis

“Costas Assiotis has been beekeeping for about a year and currently has 52 hives in various locations in Cyprus. He enjoys experimenting with different types of honey and also plants flowers specifically for the bees. Despite being a newer beekeeper, he has encountered common challenges such as the threat of diseases like varoa and limited support from the government. Despite these challenges, he values the experience of beekeeping and has even passed on his love and care for the bees to his 9-year-old daughter.”

costas assiotis

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